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Banquet rooms & Catering for graduation & Open Houses

Graduation is coming and so are open houses. Food options are endless. There could be munchies, like chips and salsa, or the party could have mini subs for guests. Sometimes it is difficult to decide and commit to a type of food that all the guests will enjoy. One type of food that comes to mind that everyone enjoys is Italian. Catered Italian foods provide pasta, pizza, and pleasant appetizers, something for everyone.

Hot and cold dishes are typically offered at graduation parties. Mangia Mangia offers catering for household parties. There is also the option to have the restaurant host the party. This could be the best solution! After all the guests leave, the family hosting the party is not responsible for cleaning up, which some see as a relief.

Great Italian Food in Downtown Kalamazoo

Mangia Mangia is an award winning Italian restaurant located in Downtown Kalamazoo on the walking mall. This restaurant brings old world flavors and family traditions to customer’s table. In English, “Mangia Mangia,” translates to “Eat! Eat!” Mangia Mangia is now open seven days a week for people of west Michigan to enjoy.