Banquet rooms & Catering for graduation & Open Houses

Graduation is coming and so are open houses. Food options are endless. There could be munchies, like chips and salsa, or the party could have mini subs for guests. Sometimes it is difficult to decide and commit to a type of food that all the guests will enjoy. One type of food that comes to mind that everyone enjoys is Italian. Catered Italian foods provide pasta, pizza, and pleasant appetizers, something for everyone.

Hot and cold dishes are typically offered at graduation parties. Mangia Mangia offers catering for household parties. There is also the option to have the restaurant host the party. This could be the best solution! After all the guests leave, the family hosting the party is not responsible for cleaning up, which some see as a relief.

Next, comes the decision of the location of the open house. Often times graduation parties are in backyards of the graduate’s family. However, some are held in community centers, outside, a boat club, the options for parties are endless. Another option would be to host the party at Mangia Mangia by reserving the banquet room. This would be similar to having the restaurant catering but without the hassle of cleaning.

The banquet room at Mangia Mangia provides private accommodations that keep the party intimate and away from the other restaurant guests. Set aside one table for presents and a display location for pictures of the graduate then utilize the restaurant for conversing and enjoying Italian food with the entire menu at your disposal.

Reserving the banquet room is all the family would have to do. The food, cleaning, and desserts are “provided” by the restaurant. It really eliminates most hassles of a graduate party.

Catering or hosting the graduation open house at the restaurant seems like the easiest route to take for graduation parties. Perhaps, have a family only party one night at the restaurant and the next day, have that same restaurant, like Mangia Mangia cater for friends of the graduate.